Monday, July 23, 2012

DIY Summer Stationery

I've recently made two very summery stationery sets that I'd love to share with you.

One is a pink ombre, because you can never have too much ombre, and the other is a blue moire pattern that reminded me of the bottom of a swimming pool.  You can download both designs below, print them out on some nice paper, cut and fold, and send to a friend!

Pink Ombre Stationery Set (PDF)
Pool Side Stationery Set (PDF)

When you print the PDF be sure you review your print screen - you'll want to make sure that under the Page Sizing & Handling options you've selected Actual Size (not Fit).  This way your stationery sheet will fit perfectly into your envelope.

Fold the envelope so the color is on the inside and will be a nice surprise when your pen pal opens the mail.  I like to use double-sided tape to attach the side flaps to the bottom flap.  It's less messy than traditional glue and won't warp the paper, but, of course, a glue stick will work just as well.

One last tip: you probably won't want to write on the colorful side of your stationery - the printer ink might make it difficult for your pen ink to adhere to the page, but, trust me, your letters will look fabulous written on the blank side of the stationery. Enjoy!

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